Sunday, May 20, 2007

To Dream the Impeachable Dream

Last week, former Deputy Attorney General James Comey testified before the Senate judiciary committee, regarding a bizarre showdown with then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales.

For those who have yet to hear about, what Washington Post columnist, Eugene Robinson, refers to as 'Gonzales's signature moment,' I direct you to his slam-dunk piece on the events of March 10, 2004, here.

Gonzales is merely the gravy

While much of the media seems to be focusing on how the Comey testimony may finally be the last straw that brings down the numbingly, self-absorbed, inept, (and amnesiac) Attorney General, I think we are seeing the beginning of a much larger story. The impeachment of George Bush.

If Comey's testimony is true, there is a very real possibility that Mr. Bush pushed his wiretapping program through, even when he knew that his own Justice Department refused to sign off on it, over questions about the program's constitutionality.

Thus far, Bush is simply refusing to answer questions about the incident. However, the testimony from Comey cannot help create some new, very troubling questions about the judgement of 'the decider.'

If Bush truly pushed down America's throat, for however long, a surveillance program directed at American citizens, that he knew had no constitutional merit, he may have finally crossed the line into impeachable territory, if he wasn't there already.

I am beginning to think that Gonzales may only be the gravy in this case. Mr. Bush, himself, needs to give us some serious and revelatory answers about the program he foisted upon us, especially before it was allegedly amended. Will America tolerate a leader deliberately acting outside the rule of law, who defines everything that he does as tacitly legal?

Examining the assaults on our civil liberties

Unfortunately, the Democrats have hardly looked into the NSA wiretapping program and the various assaults to our civil liberties under Bush. At the very least, this should get them off their duffs.

If a stained blue dress can lead to impeachment hearings, then this deserves a much closer look.