Sunday, June 29, 2008

Okay...Primary Battle Over...Game On

With all the acrimony that took place during the contest between Clinton and Obama during the end of the primary campaign, I made a vow to myself to wait until the issue was settled, before blogging again. It was very dispiriting to watch the Democratic party self-immolate.

But shortly thereafter, I decided to get involved again and chose to do it by posting on various forums throughout the net, not just progressive sites. I spent a lot of time posting on sites such as the NY Times and Washington Post. I then spread out beyond that and posted in other forums, whenever I saw a compelling reason to join the discussion.

I was finding it more compelling to speak my thoughts to those who might never consider reading a progressive blog. I liked sharing ideas with others on message boards, including both independents and conservatives. I also thought those type of posts reached many more people.

However, my blog should really include more of the source material for much of what I post elsewhere, anyway.

So today, I am making a vow to myself to re-invigorate this blog. I suspect I will be doing more, but shorter posts. The sources I reference, or comments I make on the message boards should have a central location here. So I plan on giving it a shot.