Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hitting Rush Where It Hurts

Rush Limbaugh, he of Oxycontin fame, must be loving life these days.

After saying that he wants President Obama to fail, Limbaugh gets rewarded with publicity when the president and his spokesperson give him the credibility he does not deserve by mentioning his name.

Making matters worse, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has uploaded an online petition that has no teeth. If it does anything, it stirs the news cycle and garners Limbaugh even more press and attention.

What the course of action should be

In suggesting that he wishes for Obama a failed presidency, Rush Limbaugh has expressed his desire for America to fail. A despicable, un-American act.

There are 2 specific responses that should be taken.

First, Limbaugh is one of the few pundits whose show gets beamed to our troops on the Voice of America. That is a privilege, not a right. His comments justify ending that relationship. I believe, with a new regime in the White House, that change can now take place.

Second, investigate who his advertisers are and let them know that you will not patronize a sponsor that supports a man who wants America to fail.

Hit him in the pocketbook.

End of story.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Crystal Ball, Anyone?

It was on January 26th that Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, made the following comment about the chances of a recession, in testimony to the Senate Budget Committee:
"It is a low probability. Recessions are low probability, they are rare and they happen for numbers of different reasons."
What's especially fascinating is that those comments were made on January 26, 2001, at the very beginning of the first Bush term.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Barack Obama

First of all, my apologies for having not posted since my last entry about the loss of my beloved dog.

The grief has been far more pervasive than I could have imagined and, combined with major upheavals in my industry (at present, I am not yet affected), I have given myself some down time.

Additionally, my dismay at Barack Obama's choice of Rev. Rick Warren to do the invocation at the inaugural was a major turn-off to somebody who blogged tirelessly on the net (and in this forum) on his behalf. I fully understand why President Obama picked Warren. It doesn't mean I have to like it.

Interestingly, as I watched the inaugural with co-workers, one of the more religious people I work with, who voted for McCain, shouted "finally," when he invoked the name of Jesus. I happen to be very fond of this lady, but I had to comment that the inaugural was for every American, not just Christians, and that a blessing that took that into account would be more appropriate. Fortunately, we just all let it go and went on to hear the speech.

Obama is a wonderful orator, and did not disappoint, but yesterday was a rather gloomy day in the entertainment industry. Massive layoffs on inauguration day by both Clear Channel and Warner Brothers are a further testament to the work Obama has cut out for him.

I chose not to devote a column to trashing Warren, because this country has far more important issues to deal with. Our new president has a lot on his plate and needs our support. Further, I am sure I am not alone in sensing that this country is way beyond a recessionary phase. From my vantage point, it looks more like a depression. I have never in my lifetime seen anything remotely like this.

So, I am choosing to give President Obama a pass, even though he has made choices further to the right of what I would have preferred. Again, I understand some of his reasoning, though I do not necessarily agree with all of it. I will give him a chance, especially at the outset.

However, I also understand why Speaker Pelosi has made clear that she is going to speak her mind about issues she disagrees with Obama about.

As just one example, I fully concur with Pelosi's insistence in investigating some of the abuses of the Bush administration. As Pelosi correctly pointed out "past is prologue." If we do not root out the abuses of the prior administration (at the very least, the most blatant ones), who is to stop it from being repeated in the future?

For now, I will give President Obama his due. I am proud that he is our leader and believe he will serve our country well.

But I do hope that he governs from his convictions, as opposed to doing what he might see as more politically expedient.

Godspeed, President Obama. May we all be far better off in 4 years thanks to your vision. It is in everone's interest that you succeed in your quest for change.