Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hitting Rush Where It Hurts

Rush Limbaugh, he of Oxycontin fame, must be loving life these days.

After saying that he wants President Obama to fail, Limbaugh gets rewarded with publicity when the president and his spokesperson give him the credibility he does not deserve by mentioning his name.

Making matters worse, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has uploaded an online petition that has no teeth. If it does anything, it stirs the news cycle and garners Limbaugh even more press and attention.

What the course of action should be

In suggesting that he wishes for Obama a failed presidency, Rush Limbaugh has expressed his desire for America to fail. A despicable, un-American act.

There are 2 specific responses that should be taken.

First, Limbaugh is one of the few pundits whose show gets beamed to our troops on the Voice of America. That is a privilege, not a right. His comments justify ending that relationship. I believe, with a new regime in the White House, that change can now take place.

Second, investigate who his advertisers are and let them know that you will not patronize a sponsor that supports a man who wants America to fail.

Hit him in the pocketbook.

End of story.

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