Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, best friend

It was hard enough writing in my blog yesterday, I did it as a diversion to take my mind off my sadness. But these last few days have been pretty awful for me.

On Monday morning, my best friend, Lexas, passed away. She had only been sick for a week and her sudden death at the vet's on Monday morning was devastating to me.

She was my always-loving companion and my beacon through some tough times I've gone through over the years, including the death of my mother. The grief I now feel is hard to even put into words. But I loved this dog very much and I'm just glad she didn't suffer too much before her end.

This adorable pooch had 11 good years and was loved by everybody who ever met her, or came in contact with her. The love she gave back is a gift I will take with me forever.

This new year I wish for all of you to have a similar type of love in your own lives, if it isn't already there. There are news stories abounding, over the increased number of pets that have been brought to shelters because economic times have prevented families from keeping them. Because many shelters can't handle the load, an increasing number of lovable dogs and cats are being euthanized.

If just one of you rescues a pet from that fate, that would be a wonderful blessing for the new year to come. I need some time to grieve, but it is something I would like to do myself in the coming year.

Once again, goodbye my sweet girl, who loved, and never asked for anything in return. I will never, ever forget you.


Bonnie said...

My deepest sympathy on your loss. It is so hard to say goodbye to those we love especially at this time of year. How hard to celebrate new beginnings when you hurt so much.

Hold dear those memories of Lexas. Remember, nothing dies it just changes into another form.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep. I did not die, I do not sleep..." See her in all the beautiful sunsets, birds in flight, the stars, feel her in the wind that brushes against your cheek and give thanks that you had such wonderful times together.

Again, my condolences on your beloved Lexas' passing.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my deepest sympathies on your loss. She was a gorgeous dog and is now happy in the doggie afterlife, chasing rabbits and munching dog treats. She'll be there at the raibow bridge for you when it is your time.

1-Observer said...

Oh my goodness--the tears are flowing. Of all the losses I've experienced in life, the loss of two especially beloved dogs still breaks my heart. But it is a sweet pain, full of great memories and great love. My deepest sympathy to you in your grief, and my best wishes to you for finding a new best friend with whom you will spend many more years of wonderful companionship.