Sunday, December 28, 2008

GOP -- The Grand Ol' Racist Party

I have been on hiatus over the holidays, but am back, after a 2-week break, to talk about a video that Rush Limbaugh has been airing on his show since March.

The song is a parody of "Puff, The Magic Dragon," titled, "Barack, The Magic Negro."

I debated as to whether or not to even repost it, but here it is, so you can gauge its offensive for yourselves.

I am one of those progressives who has not been overtly pleased, since the election, with the man I supported (I will get to the Warren inauguration controversy in due time). Yet, every time I read the racism and hatred that permeates the comments section of right-wing blogs, I realize how important it was for him to have won this election. The Republicans have become an assemblage of divisive hate-mongers, with the level of civility hitting new lows by the day.

The GOP is, in fact, the party of intolerance. The very fact that it took a GOP leader so long to even denounce the piece speaks volumes. Many in the party have embraced it.

It wasn't until a candidate for the chairmanship of the RNC, Chip Saltsman, distributed the song as a "light-hearted" holiday treat, as he was campaigning for the top slot, that adverse reaction began.

Wouldn't you know...that is what got the current chairman, Mike Duncan, up in arms. "I am shocked and appalled," Duncan said. Shocked at how easily he found a way to make political hay out of the incident, no doubt. And now, some prominent Republicans are even speaking out against it. I'll bet I know why.

Somebody must have shown them the polling on this. Pssst...overt racists turn off most Americans. Go back to your more subtle form of bigotry.

For a New York Times look at some of the intra-party GOP fighting over this, point your browser here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you reposted it, because I hadn't had a chance to view it anywhere else. I tried one link someplace and the message said the video was removed. Anyway, it's actually WORSE than I It's shocking, really, because it's offensive on so many levels. The uncle tom imitation of Sharpton alone is eye opening, but the god. How do they get away with this in this day and age?