Thursday, November 10, 2005

Frist 'Doesn't Care' About Secret Prisons

The behavior of the GOP leadership continues to look increasingly out of touch with mainstream America. How else to explain the latest rant of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

Today, the AP reported that Frist is more concerned about the leak of the secret prisons than the existence of these illegal prisons themselves.

Consider that the CNN Headline to the story was "Frist Concerned More About Leaks Than Secret Prisons."

Quite frankly, that will resonate about as badly as the news that Dick Cheney has become a lobbyist for torture.

It would be one thing if he both wanted to get to the bottom of the leak, and also wanted to find out why we in America have secret prisons that apparently operate outside the boundaries of oversight and law. But he doesn't want to know about these prisons, where it is presumed that anything goes.

In response to just such a question, Frist said that he is "not concerned about what goes on."

Does he think that Americans also don't care?

The only answer for this bizarre rush to investigate is that this is the GOP strategy to take heat off the administration over the Plame outing. One would have to assume that they feel it was a Democrat who leaked the information to the Washington Post and this gives them something to sink their teeth into.

The problem though is that this will keep the issue of those secret prisons in the news and I suspect that most Americans will no doubt feel that secret prisons are something that this country should not tolerate. I could be wrong, but I would think that there would be more outrage that the prisons exist, than that they were exposed. This is a no-win for the GOP. To equate this type of leak, with the outing of an agent, is laughable.

My God, who is advising these fools?

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