Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't Run John, Don't Run

Senator John Kerry is considering a repeat of his campaign for president. For the good of the party and this nation John, please don't run.

George Dubya Bush was ripe for defeat in the '04 election. His defeat by you in the debates should have meant a slam dunk at the polls.

My belief in GOP dirty tricks at the polls notwithstanding, Sen. Kerry, you were an abyssmal campaigner.

When you were sucker-punched by the swift boaters, your appalling initial reaction was to merely ignore it. Then when you fought back, it was to defensively parry.

How can a decorated war hero lose the issue of managing national security to a man who never really served? Additionally, because of the cleverly Rovian baiting of Dan Rather, the press never again attempted to bring up the fact that nobody seems to be able to remember serving alongside Bush Jr. One would think that you, Sen. Kerry, would respond by going on the offensive. What, did you think Dubya wasn't behind the 'anti-patriot' attacks?

I am so tired of the apologist and elitist politics of the Democratic party. We campaign as if we feel inferior for being left-of-center. Liberalism is honorable. There is no shame in true moral values; compassion for the poor, inclusion of minorities, taking care of those who cannot care fend for themselves, seeking peaceful, diplomatic resolutions of global conflicts.

We need to be pro-active and tough. Senator Kerry pro-active? I don't think so.

Worst of all was Kerry's refusal to pursue the many serious complaints of GOP Election Day shenanigans. These are no hollow complaints. There are scores of documentation to be found. "Fooled Again" by Mark Crispin Miller is essential reading. He lists numerous illustrations of misconduct and reveals some dangerous practices that threaten our entire system of free elections. As Mr. Miller writes, if we don't speak out they will steal the next election as well.

What have you done, Senator Kerry, in the wake of these charges? Anything?

Sorry sir, you have forfeited your right to represent me.

Kerry is the epitome of the re-active candidate, who only operates from the defensive. Karl Rove and crew would once again eat him alive. We need a candidate who is willing to take the challenge to the president and the GOP.

Somebody with real courage like, say, Senator Russell Feingold.

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