Monday, May 15, 2006

Big Brother Knows No Bounds

Part of the problem with the lack of oversight of the Bush administration's trashing of civil liberties, in the guise of fighting terrorism, is that there really are no limits to the abuse that is being perpetrated.

If we do not say no...when we hear of illegal prisons
If we do not say no...when we hear of torture
If we do not say no...when we hear of illegal wiretaps, allegedly only affecting international communications
If we do not say no...when we hear that all of our phone records are being collected in data mining projects

...then we have nobody to blame but ourselves when we wake up one day to find ourselves in a fascist, police state controlled by 'big brother.'

No oversight means that those in power can use the information they collect against their political enemies.

This all seems to tie in with today's revelation...the records of ABC news reporters are being examined to find out who in government they are speaking with.

Whatever sources have revealed the illegal goings-on that this government is involved in are the true patriots.

The levels that this administration will go to in violating our constitutional rights is chilling.

Hopefully, this message is starting to resonate loud and clear.

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WeCanFixThisMess said...

I think the message is starting to resonate. There is so much work yet to do but each day a new story gives more hope.

I heard on Air America today about a hardcore, Republican stronghold district in PA- where the no name Democratic challenger is trouncing the longtime incumbent in the polls.

People are slowly waking up. But my fear is that the Republicans are going to do a lot of damage between now and November trying to railroad in as much "rigging of the system" before they are out. A cornered and scared arrogant Republican, who is not used to losing, is the most dangerous kind.