Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Plan..No End

As I watched the news readers at MSNBC spew out the "cut-and-run" charge in their coverage of the Senate debate on Iraq, it registered that the Democrats need a simple, yet concise way to counter the charge.

My idea, when holding the GOP accountable on Iraq, is this:


It spells it out. The GOP has no plan for Iraq (they never had one) and the result is that the occupation will never end. It also puts the GOP on the defensive.

I am in the media and I am fully aware of the short attention span that exists, both by broadcasters and our audience.

Maybe we can lobby our politicians and spokespeople to start using the term, to turn the tables on the GOP.

Rove knows how to strategize to manipulate public opinion. Dems could stand to be a bit more Rovian ourselves.


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