Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Obscene Profits Of Exxon Mobil

Today, Exxon Mobil reported the 2nd biggest profit ever for a publicly traded company, 10.36 billion dollars in the April-June quarter.

That number is 2nd, only to the 10.71 billion that the same corporation recorded in the last year.

According to the Associated Press, EM's Veep of investor relations, Henry Hubble, said, "We continue to see demand growth year over year....We're selling everything we can make."

So, let's see. Profits are up 36% over a year ago and 12% from the last quarter alone.

During that same period, with Americans now saddled with much higher gasoline prices, raise your hand if you saw ANY increase in real disposable income. Not too many hands waving out there, outside of oil companies and the corporations that have profited off the war.

Not that a compassion-less administration gets it, but there are families that struggle with balancing filling the tank with putting food on the table.

Have we asked these money-grubbing corporations to give back some of that excessive windfall to the nation? Have we tried to use some of the excess profits to try and thwart any of the economic pain being caused by high-priced oil?

Of course not.

Instead, the Bushies have followed an international policy that thrives on violence in the Middle East. It is a policy that boosts the record profits for the companies that are the true power behind the Republican Party.

Seriously, doesn't it seem a tad odd that we are not trying to slow down the bloodshed in Lebanon one bit? Since when has America suggested 'wait it out' in this particular global powder keg?

As for Iraq? Our willingness to let chaos rule is evident.

Blood for oil. Maybe it isn't so far-fetched after all.

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