Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Washington Post's 'Phony' Editorial

Leave it to Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt to distill the real problem with our Iraqi's Sen. Harry Reid's fault!

Incredulously, in a Saturday editorial, WaPo accuses the Democrats of demagoguery and Sen. Reid, specifically, of "cynical politicking and willful blindness to the stakes in Iraq."

A close inspection of the editorial reads like a summary of RNC talking points.

The piece is headlined, "The Phony Debate." The only thing I found to be phony was the editorial itself.

Typical of this editorial's curious escape from reality is the following "inescapable fact":
"a complete pullout from Iraq would invite genocide, regional war and a catastrophic setback to U.S. national security."

Huh? Isn't that what has already occurred?

The Iraqi government wants us out. Their people want us out. The American people have clearly asked for an exit strategy. And the Democrats have clearly stated that they want to immediately switch from combat operations to a course that seeks a diplomatic resolution of the crisis that involves talking to Iraq's neighbors.

The only people who state the Iraqi problem as incorrectly and inarticulately as this shameless Op-Ed does are GOP operatives. Doesn't Mr. Hiatt read his own paper?

How can any sane person recommend 'staying the course' and letting more American lives be lost in a month when both the Iraqi and American politicians have chosen to take a vacation.

There is a reason this editorial was posted on a Saturday, where it would get the minimal amount of exposure, and not a Sunday, where it would reach the most readers. Hiatt would like his piece to be used in GOP debating points, but would prefer his readership not be exposed to his obvious pandering to Bush and his enablers.

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