Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Palin Selection

After finding myself unexpectedly moved time-and-again, while watching the democratic love fest in Colorado, I scarcely had time to reflect, before John "Straight Talk" McCain chose the straightest of running mates, former beauty queen Sarah Palin.

Palin, formerly a mayor of a city under 6,000, and the governor, for 20 months, of Alaska, the state with the 48th lowest population.

This is experience?

But she is a darling of the religious right and, you may find this hard to believe, a woman! I cannot wait until Hillary sinks her teeth into this one. Ironically, McCain's VP choice elevates Hillary into the role of leading attack dog in this campaign. Nobody but Senator Clinton will be able to effectively rip apart Palin. That needs to be done by a woman, or it will be perceived as sexism. So why not the one who almost got the presidential nod?

Can you imagine that a woman, who wants us to be teaching creationism in the schools, is a John McCain cancer outbreak away from the presidency?

I am wondering whether Palin will be campaigning in swimsuit and sash, or if it will be evening gown and tiara? I would love to see the upcoming vice presidential debates include a talent competition. I haven't seen good baton-twirling in a long, long time.

This has to have totally blown the election for the republicans.

I mean, Americans are not that stupid.

Are we?

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Madrone said...

Unfortunately, many Americans are that stupid. Apparently if you can say "hey, I'm a woman" and "hey, I'm anti-choice" you get the nod these days.

Fortunate many of the Hillary supporters targeted by this choice AREN'T that stupid.