Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Queen Of Abstinence: Bristol Palin?

I don't get shocked by anything anymore, but this goes beyond the pale.

Bristol Palin, who had a baby out of wedlock, and remains unmarried, is now a spokesperson for abstinence. And she is doing it for a commercial firm, Candie's, known for their provocative ads.

So, Palin, who you will see hardly seems to be passionate about her subject in a Good Morning America interview, is whoring out her family (including her infant son) for money.


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Bonnie said...

I think you need to look at this from a different perspective. She is absolutely the right person to call for abstinence and condoms (yes, she mentions condoms!) because she is living through the consequences. She's been telling kids that babies are not "hip accessories" but a 24 hour job of diapers, bottles and non-stop responsibility. Who better to call for thinking before you act than someone who has learned the hard way?

By the way, I am NOT a Sarah Palin fan, just someone who sees both sides of this issue.