Monday, July 06, 2009

What Makes Sarah Tick?

On Sunday, the New York Times published a rare Maureen Dowd column. What made it so rare? It was both clever and insightful. I had forgotten the last time Ms. Dowd had written anything substantive, or worth commenting upon. One Sunday she actually took up space with a column expressing awe over the size of Michelle Obama's biceps.

But, this week, Dowd chose a target that could make any Times writer look astute, Sarah Palin.

I responded with a letter published on the Times website. My comments are reprinted below:

Is there an easier target than the Thrilla from Wazilla?

When Palin announced her resignation, my first thought had been Vanity Fair slays the barracuda. But, I have a feeling the Governor has a media opportunity forthcoming. Just a hunch.

One thing I will say, the fact that somebody this unqualified to lead...a politician with so little intellectual curiosity she makes George W. Bush seem like Plato by considered a leader by so many in the GOP, says some scary things about America.

Make no mistake, America is way behind the rest of the world on most social issues. For example, there are only 2 nations in NATO that do not allow gays to serve openly in the military...Turkey...and the U.S. While the global model moves forward, the Christian right-wing keeps pulling us backwards.

In an America like that, Sarah Palin can be as dumb as a box of dirt, but it does not matter. She can spout abstinence and parade her pregnant unwed daughter. She can say outlandish things about those she campaigns against. It doesn't matter.

Because, at the end of the day, if she spouts Jesus-speak enough and continually states that she is pro-life (until the baby leaves the womb, that is), and pro-gun, she can get away with anything. She has morphed into the Great Gospel Beauty Queen...Miss California on steroids.

Who needs to know about foreign capitals when you can speak in tongues?

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