Thursday, September 08, 2005

AFA Suggests God Destroyed New Orleans

Maybe I should not be so surprised, but in a commentary linked from the main page of the website of the perversely-named American Family Association, there is a strong suggestion that God destroyed New Orleans, and surrounding Mississippi, because of alleged sin.

In his Op-Ed piece, "God and Katrina," Matt Friedeman, a professor at the Wesley Biblical Seminary writes the following:

"This columnist has talked to many serious Christians about the tragedy of Katrina and the devastation it has wrought on Mississippi and Louisiana. The camps of thought seem two: God doesn't do things like this; and, God may well have done it, given the "sin city" nature of New Orleans and the casino-blighted coastline of Mississippi.

"It is most unpalatable, of course, to suggest divine wrath. But biblically there is such a thing, and to assume that such Godly interference with evil will never happen again in our "enlightened" age is folly. New Orleans, for one, was one formidable "sin city." "

So, apparently many 'serious' Christians have decided to judge the city of New Orleans and the neighboring casino-harboring communities of Mississippi as being acceptable targets for God's wrath.

Friedeman, in his self-righteousness, then adds: "Perhaps it is just coincidence, but "Katrina" comes from the Greek which means "purity." New Orleans could use some of that."

This prophet's remedy is simple....when rebuilding, he warns of the calamity that may result if "we should go back to decadence in New Orleans and casinos in Mississippi?

He closes with, "Here's hoping that we are not that deaf. Or, that stupid."

Actually, maybe the man is a little of both.


Karla Goble said...
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Anonymous said...

whatever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? How dare these folks claim that New Orleans and the Mississippi coastline are "acceptable targets" for God's wrath?