Monday, September 19, 2005

Religious Groups Using New Orleans For Own Ends

When wolves smell a kill, the urge to devour is not often accompanied by restraint. In that spirit, check out the wolves from the religious right, who see Katrina as an opportunity.

According to an AP article, found on, church groups are pushing the CARE act, which the article states " would provide tax breaks and other incentives to Americans making charitable donations, and is part of a broader campaign to ease restrictions on federal grants for social service providers with a religious mission."

Additionally, it's reported that "Bishop T.D. Jakes, who gave the sermon Friday at the Washington National Cathedral service marking Bush's day of prayer for victims, has told the president that more money should be channeled directly to religious groups responding to the tragedy."

Hey, I suppose we can at least be thankful that Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing, part of the 'ministry' that has made him a multi-millionaire, is no longer the #2 place to donate to on the FEMA website. It had been directly under the listing for the American Red Cross.

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