Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally, It Takes Carter To Say It

I have been truly amazed at the lack of understanding from the Democratic party about what message will truly resonate with the American people.

The fact that President Bush has been allowed to get away with his illegal wiretapping in public opinion polls shows how utterly dismal the minority party is at communicating.

I keep hearing Dems refer to the overriding issue being the fact that terrorists may go free because Bushco did not follow the rule of law. All that this line of defense will do is cause Middle America to bemoan allegedly liberal judges and courts.

The main message that should be delivered is the fact that if court approval is circumvented, than Bush can eavesdrop on anybody, including his political enemies, and nobody would ever know. After all, Nixonian dirty tricks are what led to some of this legislation regarding checks-and-balances for surveillance.

Since Bush apparently could have gotten anything he wanted through the courts, than this is a very believable scenario. Look at Plamegate for proof of what this administration will stoop to. Why bypass the courts unless you have something to hide? Or if the scope of the program is so vast that it goes way beyond suspected terrorists?

Today, finally, somebody brought home this point loud and clear. It was Jimmy Carter, speaking today at the funeral of Coretta Scott King. Carter noted that the Kings were "victims of secret government wiretapping."

There. Point made. Touche.

Thank you Jimmy Carter. And for the one or 2 news organizations that chose to mention his remarks.

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