Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Public Needs To Get The True Message On Domestic Spying

(note: Just back from vacation....sorry for the gap between posts)

It is a bit surreal that George W. Bush has been able to parlay his domestic spying program into a perceived political plus. However, given the total disorganization by the Democratic party and the apathy of the media, maybe this should not be all that surprising.

The plan is to show that Democrats are "soft on terrorism." It has worked in the past primarily because the Dems always seem to be taking a 're-active' rather than a 'pro-active' position.

However, the real issue here is why, given that even retroactive court warrants would have been easy to obtain, did Bush circumvent the process?

Well, for one, maybe such a broad, far-reaching program might have had problems getting a green light, but for me, ths issue is much simpler.

In my opinion, the domestic surveillance program is not merely set in motion to go after Al Qaeda operatives, it is to keep watch on political enemies. And, because there is no accountability, what is to stop Bush from doing just that?

One would think that that would be the central issue, one that would resonate with most Americans.

Now can somebody please tell me why the Democrats are not bringing this up?

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