Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ted Koppel's Lie

Today, there was a re-broadcast of the "Meet The Press" broadcast from Christmas Day, 2005. Tim Russert's guests were Tom Brokaw and Ted Koppel.

At one point, Koppel made the following assertion that blew me away.

From the transcript:

"MR. KOPPEL: I mean, the only difference between the Clinton administration and the Bush administration was 9/11.

"MR. BROKAW: Right.

"MR. KOPPEL: If 9/11 had happened on Bill Clinton's watch, he would have gone into Iraq.

"MR. BROKAW: Yeah. Yeah."

How on earth did that assertion go unchallenged??? It is one thing to suggest that we would have gone into Afghanistan, but to say Clinton would have invaded Iraq, with all we now know about the Bush Administration's motivations for doing so, is indefensible. Where is the supportive proof on that blatant lie?

Koppel also said this:

"MR. KOPPEL: What's intriguing to me, Tim, is we're still talking about the war as though it were in a vacuum, and we're still talking about victory and what is to be achieved as though it were in a vacuum. And the one thing that we are not talking about, because it somehow seems indelicate or unpolitic or even inappropriate, is the simple fact of the matter that, while we did not go to war because of Iraq's oil, we did, in fact, go to war because it is absolutely essential to the national interest, not only of this country but also of the Europeans and of the Japanese, that the Persian Gulf remains stable. We have--when I say "we" I mean U.S. administrations going back to the Eisenhower administration--have been intervening in the Persian Gulf in one form or another--we overthrew the Iranian prime minister, Mossadeq--that is, the CIA did--precisely because we felt he was too close to the Communist Party at that time and we were afraid what that would mean if Iran became a Communist state. "

Invading Iraq was "absolutely essential to the national interest???" According to who? The White House Iraq group?

Why not invade Iran? North Korea?

Where are these people coming from? Since when do we invade a country who has not overtly threatened America. Hussein, as bad as he is, was de-fanged. We now have the door open for an Islamic republic and a new breeding ground for terrorists. Why do we allow these media pundits to control the debate unquestioned?

At least we now know why Koppel's coverage of important issues like Plamegate was MIA. He is a lackey for the administration.

No wonder nobody trusts the mainstream media. They are complicit in the conspiracy to mis-inform America.

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