Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Diana DeGar-'doh'

I just had to pass this on....

In one of the most bizarre, self-serving PR gestures ever, former "American Idol" runner-up Diana DeGarmo managed to get free press on AP today. As the article seems to single out "her manager and mother, Brenda DeGarmo," who is also mentioned at the start of the article, it was easy to spot the source of the publicity.

The story was ostensibly to pat DeGarmo on the back for performing for the troops overseas. So why were we treated to the following DeGarmo cluelessness, where she states that she "learned that there's more to this war than sending troops overseas. They're missing so much and risking their lives."

More to this war than sending troops overseas? Isn't that deep?

But it gets topped by this tidbit mom made sure the reporter tossed in:

"She said one of the strangest moments on the trip was performing for dozens of shivering troops at Camp Victory in Baghdad, with helicopters flying overhead and people shouting. She also spent the night in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces."

DeGarmo is bragging that she slept in one of Hussein's former palaces? That remark was for the edification of who, exactly? The troops? The Iraqis? Mom?

I suppose anybody who was subjected to the torture of seeing DeGarmo make it past the more talented LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson in AI Season 3 should catch the irony of this performer being a representative for the torture administration, but please Diana and mom....do your best not to open your mouths, when at all possible.

I think I know why the people were shouting!

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Anonymous said...

The comments were made by the reporter, not Diana and her mother, which certainly shows how stupid you are for believing everything you read. At least they both did something for society -- other than you, who sits around and runs your mouth and criticizes! You're just another example of the racist idiots in America! Can you say "black"? Fantasia, LaToya, or Jennifer? Never a white? Oh, pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!