Monday, September 18, 2006

Isn't 24 Hours A Day Enough to Cover The News?

I know I have griped about the 'unholy 3' cable news nets, MSNBC, CNN and Fox, but today it really hit home for me...

Do these networks have enough time to cover the news? I mean, is 24 hours enough?

I ask, because I had the nets on in the background at work today and, on MSNBC, it seemed that the ONLY story that was getting coverage was the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son. Finally, after an interminable amount of time noticing that they were covering little else, I switched to CNN.

It was no better, but a different topic.

It seems that CNN and CNN Headline News were blowing their tabloid load, if you will, on the baby-napping.

It's not as if this was just the prime story times, it was the only story.

This time around, I did not switch to Fox.

While I was visiting family in California over the past week, I was deluged with both Fox and MSNBC spending their time castigating Nancy Grace. I'm sure it was just jealousy that their own cesspool dwellers had not been the cause of a distressed woman's suicide.

As for Nancy Grace, she is becoming such a caricature that she is at risk of completely morphing into Katherine Harris.

I mention this because I saw virtually nothing on the coverage of the latest violence in Iraq today. What's the deal, 20 deaths not enough for one day? How many have to die each day so that a sliver of coverage can be deflected from Anna Nicole/Babynap/GraceKill?

I just noticed on CNN's web page that a woman ended a bloody attack by biting a 100-pound dog. How many deaths will it take tomorrow in Iraq to prevent that from becoming the only story on MSNBCNNFOX?

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