Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Loss Will Steal Far More Than Just An Election

There are several disturbing political stories this week that have to make true patriots fear that the GOP is truly trying to dismantle everything that our country was founded upon.

First, the 'Rubber-Stamp House' approved a bill that allows warrantless wiretaps. Forget the fact that the media doesn't even begin to examine the argument that the only one to benefit from such a violation of civil liberties is the party in power, who would be free to spy on their political enemies without leaving a paper trail.

Does anybody think that the Bushies aren't capable of using this against their enemies?

If the media had done its job, it would be obvious that the current law requiring a warrant did nothing to hinder surveillance of terrorists. However, the media refused to frame the argument properly, preferring to accept the GOP talking points that anybody who was against the neo-cons abuse of power (and violation of the Constitution) was somehow terrorist-friendly.

If Hillary Clinton were president and sought the same power, the GOP would be screaming for her head.

Add to this, action, by both the Senate and House, to push through new legislation that pretty much will give George Bush the right to, in effect, torture, while usurping the Geneva Convention. Unfortunately, it is all being done to frame a false argument that shows the Republicans are allegedly the only party against terrorism, as we head into the mid-term elections.

For the coup de grace, George Bush is shamelessly accusing the Democrats of being "cut and run obstructionists."


Because the Dems are trying to uphold the integrity of this nation and are seeking to prevent the beginnings of a fascist state.

And, because the Dems...well some of them anyway...believe in the Constitutional principle of checks-and-balances. You know, oversight, which has been missing in action for the past 6 years. The GOP is much more interested in preventing blow jobs from interns than they are in safeguarding America from a power-hungry cabal of neo-Con control freaks.

What makes this story all the more horrific, as I have written, is the fact that the GOP will be vastly outspending Democrats in the election.

If the media just parrots GOP talking points and the Dems don't have the will (or money) to challenge them with enough campaign ads, what do you think the result will be?

Time will tell if the Democratic party has a spine and if Diebold and Americans asleep at the wheel will steal yet another election.

If they succeeed in stealing this one, I fear they will steal all hope for our nation's future along with it.


ChristianProgressive said...

Who would Jesus torture?

As a nation of religious diversity where a vast majority claim an allegiance to some higher power or supreme diety, how can we keep silence and let our "unitary executive" President claim the divine authority to be accuser, judge and jury for anyone who threatens him?

scootmandubious said...


I have a post from August with a similar title, "How Would Jesus Vote?" It's at: