Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Breeding: The New GOP Strategy?

Chris Cillizza, who writes on politics at the Washington Post, is always good for a chuckle. However, today, he has outdone himself.

Cillizza, whose allegedly impartial writings often have a distinctly right-of-center slant, has found a beam of hope for demoralized Republicans.

They're breeding faster than Democrats.

Not sure how Cillizza was able to scoop everybody else on this groundbreaking story, but today he writes the red states are bursting with potential new voters and, with careful redistricting, could actually increase their representation after the 2010 census.

Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes

Citing U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, Cillizza writes:

At first glance, the numbers appear encouraging for Republicans. The ten states with the highest percentage population growth between July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006 -- Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Georgia, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida and South Carolina -- were carried by President George W. Bush in 2004.
And if that isn't scary enough, he adds:

Regionally, too, the highest population growth is in areas that are Republican-red. The states comprising the South gained 1.5 million people over the past year, and the region now accounts for 36 percent of the national population. The West picked up more than 1 million people in the same period and now makes up 23 percent of the population; the Midwest gained 281,000 people and represents 22 percent of the nation's population total. The Northeast, which produced Democratic gains in the House and Senate in 2006, added just 62,000 people and is now the smallest region of the country with 18 percent of the population.

The breeding advantage?

I just knew that those anti-choice states that were forcing little Abigail to carry Uncle Henry's unwanted love child to term were only looking out for the greater good; GOP domination.

Actually, I am looking for the bible thumpers to start salivating over the fact that an embrace by Democrats of same-sex relationships may be hurting our chances of spawning.

Obviously, these statistics, devoid of context, are meaningless. After all, who's to say that a population shift by Democrats into redder turf might not result in a less polarized political landscape? Maybe it will turn some red states blue.

Cillizza seems to think that the GOP will be able to capitalize on redistricting to safeguard future majorities.

However, if all else fails, they could always fall back on the time-tested strategy of placing pods under our beds.

For the full text of the Cillizza column, click here.


Naomi said...

Among my gay friends, they sneer at heteros, especially fundies, by calling them "breeders". It tickles me to hear them say it...

And isn't it typical of the RaptureRight to tackle their falling numbers by proceating themselves into a majority? If you can't beat 'em, overwhelm 'em! "Log on and find me some porn, Ma! The newest youngun' is already a week old!" Pre-supposing, of course, that Ma and Pa are computer literate...

Catholics! Mormons! Fundies! They're screwing--with our country! Three hundred million is too many already. How can we save the planet when there are religious groups producing more resource-consumers?

We need to resurrect Zero Population Growth as a rational policy...


Anonymous said...

Alot of those kids will be going Left as a reaction against the Right wing parents...alot of the population growth is population shifts and not actual "breeding."