Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Madness Of King George

George Bush, the worst leader this nation has ever seen, keeps getting away with murder.

After taking a month to allegedly listen to all sorts of expert opinion on the best way out of the morass we have created in Iraq, Bush has come up with a perfect solution....send more bodies in.

More than 21,500 troops, to be precise.

Forget the fact that he has yet to apologize for, or even acknowledge, the fact that our invasion was based on the lie of weapons of mass destruction. Now he just wants to plug in more bodies and see how things fly.

Martyr complex

King George I does not seem to care that he is unpopular. He has little use for public opinion, because he thinks that only he knows what's best for this country.

Maybe it was all those years of military experience that made him what he is today.

Oh, I forgot, he couldn't even account for where he was during his stint in the National Guard.

The stubbornness of this man, to be so rigid as to be unable to recognize flawed decisions, and then be further incapable of attempting to correct course, is unmatched.

A final solution?

And then, there is his warped logic for this increased number of troops.

In his televised address on Iraq on January 10th, Bush made the following observation:
In earlier operations, Iraqi and American forces cleared many neighborhoods of terrorists and insurgents — but when our forces moved on to other targets, the killers returned. This time, we will have the force levels we need to hold the areas that have been cleared. In earlier operations, political and sectarian interference prevented Iraqi and American forces from going into neighborhoods that are home to those fueling the sectarian violence. This time, Iraqi and American forces will have a green light to enter these neighborhoods — and Prime Minister Maliki has pledged that political or sectarian interference will not be tolerated.

So, let's see. When we have cleaned out neighborhoods, losing troops in the process, not to mention countless Iraqi lives, the violence returned when we left.

What is supposed to prevent that from happening again?

No matter how many troops we put in, unless we are planning on keeping a permanent occupying force, the same thing will happen.

Or is the goal to assist Maliki with a little bit of Sunni cleansing? Are we simply allowing the Shiite death squads to step up as we step down? Somebody please explain.

Continued ineptitude

Bush, who let Afghanistan fall back into disarray, is concerned about the violence that will occur if we leave. Interesting how he never considered what might occur, before removing Saddam Hussein.

Al Qaeda never had a foothold in Iraq until we moved in. His father knew what would result from an invasion, but Junior was probably more concerned with how he could secure Iraqi oil and reconstruction money for his corporate cronies.

I hope that the Democrats do all they can to minimize the destruction this madman has wrought upon America, and the world, because of his disastrous foreign policy.

As for his latest game of 'trust me'...

George Bush has lied about Iraq from the beginning. Why should we believe him now?

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Bluebear2 said...

Bush never had a plan on how to end this. Instead he and his henchmen sought to create turmoil in the region to destablize it, take over the oil and become the worlds dictator. All part of the Neocon plan. PNAC at its finest!

The time has come for a change of perspective