Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith & The Vampires

Anna Nicole we hardly knew ye.

Outside of the shallow, tawdry, self-obsessed side you paraded in public, that is.

I do not deny that the latter part of your life was reduced to tragedy. No new mother should be greeted by the death of another child, in the hospital room, no less.
And, of course, your death was especially untimely.

I'm not sure why you were so far away from your 5-month old daughter when you died, but I'm sure you had your reasons. Your daughter, hopefully, was being well-cared for.

The story that sucked the life out of all other news

Anna Nicole's death occurred on Thursday, February 8th.

As of February 9th, 3095 troops had died in Iraq. On the 9th, the New York Times, to their credit, listed the names of the 2 most recent victims, 24-year old Joshua Frazier and 20-year old Jennifer Parcell.

However, that is about the only place where you'll read about those 2 victims of a war for oil. You certainly won't hear about them, or any of the other victims on the 3-ring circus we call the cable news outlets.

No, on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, you will barely even hear about Iraq.


Because ever since her demise, it has been all Anna Nicole Smith, all of the time.

Vampires to the left, vampires to the right

It's not even just the vampires in the news media. Apparently, certain allegedly 'progressive' pundits also think this was the only story. More than one genius who posts on The Huffington Post thought it would be cute to write a column stating that he was the real father of Anna Nicole's unfortunate daughter.

Seriously, there was nothing more important to write about?

So, in that spirit, here is my piece on Anna Nicole Smith.

Sorry it can't be 24/7 like the cable news networks, but I'm not looking to achieve ratings.

I just hope some of the people who have chosen to make this an ongoing circus will actually begin to realize that there is a 5-month old little girl whose life is being ruined before it ever has had a chance to truly begin.

So go ahead Brent Budowsky...go ahead Ken Levine...get those hilarious pieces about paternity out of your system.

I am sure that a greater point is probably being made, especially by Mr. Budowsky. I did see some semblance of media parody in the piece.

Tragically-shortened lives I would like to read about

To be quite honest, I find the Smith story repugnant. It does not deserve to obliterate some of the truly important ongoing stories, so that America can get its fill of salaciousness.

If I want to read about somebody who has recently died a tragic death, I would at least like to see a couple of sentences written about Mr. Frazier or Ms. Parcell.

Something tells me it would be far more compelling and meaningful.

Something else tells me it's never gonna happen.


Naomi said...

Scoot: If you want to know more about Jennifer Parsell's death (and trust me, you really don't), check out Welcome to Pottersville: I'll Remember You:

2007/02/ill-remember-you.html} I hope it works, as I have added a "return"--be prepared to remove it, if link fails...

Since this is old news to the NewNewsMedia, you'll have to rely on his links in the post. She was doing a job that was not her job, under conditions that were "expedient", shall we say. Or maybe "rough and ready"...

How tragic! And this "war" just keeps getting worse, and the incompetence of President Godsend's administration is all the more glaring!

At least Nixon was intelligent enough to be able to read the writing on wall, even if it had been in the crayon that GWB deserves.

Best to you,

scootmandubious said...

Thanks Naomi, I appreciate your blog about her passing.

How sad that we need blogs to humanize our casualties in Iraq, while the cable nets salivate like famished ghouls over every new development in the Smith tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will but every time we Americans observe and comment on something we find repugnant and repulsive -- from Abu Ghraib to the handling of Anna Nicole Smith's death to the trashing of veterans at Walter Reed -- like it or not we are simply looking into an undistorted mirror and seeing ourselves in the death throes of a declining empire with our unique versions of bread and circuses, gladiator battles, cardboard missiles passing through Red Square and tears as God Save the Queen is played. Sad. As a country we had so much promise and could have done so much for the world. It's not them; it's us. Sic transit gloria Americae.