Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Hillary Just Lost My Support

Call me a flip-flopper. It's been that sort of election season. In a president, I want a leader. Somebody who will go in and fight for what is right. I think I have been given definitive proof that Hillary is not that leader.

Once again, the Harry Reid-led Senate capitulated to George W. Bush in a disgraceful manner. The Senate, with substantial Democratic support, passed a bill that would give the president even more sweeping power to spy on Americans. Even worse, they have voted to grant immunity to telecom companies who obviously broke the law. Hey if they didn't, this would not be an issue.

Senator Barack Obama came back from campaigning to cast a 'no' vote. Senator Clinton, did not take the time to even vote. I guess she thought she wouldn't have to fight charges that the GOP will inevitably throw around...that anybody who voted no would be labelled soft on terror.

Give me a break.

I am so tired of the cowardice of the Democratic leadership. The continued caving in to the empty threats of the GOP instead of standing up for what is right. If the telecoms are granted retroactive immunity it will mean one thing...there is no rule of law in America if the one in power makes the claim that national security is at stake. Hey, why have laws at all? What hypocrisy!

Adding fuel to my decision to turn from Hillary was some powerful oratory I heard on my way home tonight. I was listening to the Thom Hartman show on Air America, and heard Obama speaking out strongly against both lobbyists and NAFTA.

Okay, maybe he's not all just touchy-feely as I thought. Maybe he does have the cojones to bring about a new era in government.

I just wish all of this had happened before the New York primary.

Hillary, you lost me. I will support you over any Republican candidate. But I do not think you deserve the nomination.

As for your efforts to seat the delegates in Florida and Michigan, you just can't do that. You can't change the rules midway through the game. I tend to feel the same about the superdelegate scenario as well. But I do think that after this election, the entire superdelegate concept needs to be disbanded.

It makes the Democrats look like Republicans.

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