Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why This Edwards Supporter Voted For Hillary

Okay, I have to admit, I never thought in a million years that, when it came time for the New York primary I would cast my vote for Senator Hillary Clinton, but I did.

This isn't necessarily a good thing for Clinton. Everybody I have supported thus far has fallen by the wayside. Early on I wanted Feingold or Gore. No dice. I then rallied behind Kucinich and Dodd. See ya. Finally, right after I prepare to go gung-ho for Edwards he drops out BEFORE super Tuesday!

What's a progressive to do?

It wasn't so much that Clinton won my vote, but Senator Barack Obama lost it.

The first nail in the coffin was the Obama references to Ronald Reagan, while in the same conversation, lumping Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton together.

If you missed his comments, get them here.

After the resultant uproar, Obama disingenuously claimed that he wasn't really praising President Reagan. When one listens to that clip it is obvious that this is exactly what he was doing. And he was doing it because Obama sees himself as the great uniter.

Unfortunately, I do not feel that the GOP is going to feel like playing along.

In Senator Obama, I see a man who, if elected President, would probably not investigate the past crimes of the Bush administration, because he only seems to be thinking in a forward direction. However, if the sins of the past are not addressed and corrected, they will only be repeated.

I want somebody in the White House who realizes that we can still be unified while correcting the errors of the past 8 years. I am not so sure that Ms. Clinton would be especially good at it herself, but I think she understands better the gravity of the destruction that has been done to our government.

More than that, I cannot stand the hypocrisy of the mass media. And I need only one example to prove my point.

Michelle Obama, when asked if she would work to support Hillary Clinton, if she were the candidate, said, On the February 4th edition of Good Morning America, "I'd have to think about that. I'd have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone." Listen for yourself.

Can you imagine the media uproar that would have occurred had Hillary's spouse given such a lukewarm response about supporting Obama?? But Obama has been annointed by the mass media. He is their more compelling story. So we get treated to the daily demonizing of Hillary and the beatification of Barack.

Hey, I cannot stand the DLC, Hillary's wing of the party.

However, I do think that Clinton is vetted and tough and she probably will handle herself well against the typical vicious attacks that will most certainly come from the GOP.

The Democrats do not win elections by being nice. It didn't work for Kerry, or Gore (who won, but chose to let the steal go unchallenged), or Dukakis, or Carter (in his re-election bid). My fear is that Obama will, in his effort to project an upbeat 'unity' message, not fight back.

His inexcusable praise of Reagan signalled that for me. How he can even remotely praise a man and claim that he gave people hope, after all the people he allowed to be slaughtered in Central America, is obscene. And let's not forget the lasting damage that 'reaganomics' did to our country's fiscal health.

The media made its choice. Obama the saint, versus McCain the maverick hero.

Well, the media be damned. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. vote for Clinton. I was one person who was not especially enthusiastic about my vote. I will support whoever the nominee turns out to be, but this upcoming election hardly has me energized.

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