Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Obama Dilemma

Ever since Senator Barack Obama voted 'yes' on the FISA bill, I have been in a quandary.

I initially switched my support from Senator Hillary Clinton to Obama because, shortly after the New York primary, Obama came back to initially vote against the bill, but Clinton chose not to vote. I find a 'yes' vote on this bill to be utterly unconscionable and pandering of the worst sort.

His vote has caused me to not support his campaign financially, pending what I see in future weeks from him. I had also made a vow to stop supporting him on internet blogs and forums. But honestly, I cannot just stand by and let supporters of McCain get by with some of the horrific slander that I see get posted.

So, I am back on a myriad of sites doing my best to articulate why a John McCain presidency would be a nightmare for America.

I even came up with my own pet phrase for McCain's accusing Obama of flip-flopping.

Considering McCain's pandering to the religious right and his seemingly daily changing of positions, I refer to the charges as 'the POW calling Obama black.'

I will say this, I am angry about a lot of things. I am angry that America has allowed BushCo to take this country so far backward and nearly bankrupt and destroy it. I am angry that in some polls McCain is in a dead heat with Obama. It infuriates me that in recent polling, the country apparently is actually split on Iraq? Split?
And, in these same polls, John McCain is seen as superior on foreign policy.

Yes, the same McCain who said we would be greeted as liberators, who didn't know the difference between shia and sunni, who said one could shop in Baghdad without protection, who said Iraqi oil would finance this incursion, who predicted it would be a short war, who needed Joe Lieberman to correct him about a mis-statement on al-Qaeda in Iraq....and on and on. This is the man viewed as the expert on foreign policy???

So, out of my anger, and fear that a Republican president will destroy the impartiality of the Supreme Court for decades to come, I blog to help get Obama elected.

I just hope my candidate stops being such a disappointment to me.

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Brad said...

Ditto. Obama lost me with his vote for FISA. I also feel he is too tolerant of abortion. I'm all for sex-ed and contraception, but anyone who has seen an ultrasound at 11 weeks should in my opinion have more concern than he expresses.

However, I can't just sit by let the GOP continue to destroy this country. So, maybe it just comes down to the lesser of two evils... again! We've been here before. Let's move on!