Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brilliant Stephen Colbert Parody of Anti-Gay Ad

I almost did not post this, because Stephen Colbert does not have embedding capability on the net. However, Friday night's Countdown, guest-hosted by David Schuster, had exactly what I was looking for.

Since it is part of a longer segment, if you would like to go straight to the original ad, and the parody of it, start the above video at 1:20 and you will see the original absurd ad from the National Organization for Marriage on 'the gathering storm.' What follows from Thursday night's Colbert report is one of the most hilarious and spot-on parodies I have ever seen.

As Schuster astutely points out, the Human Rights Campaign (which is incorrectly called Human Rights Watch) has already said that this ad does not speak out against gay marriage, but complains about previous rulings that have outlawed anti-gay bigotry. So, as Schuster says, this ad is really about the right of these people to practice discrimination.

As a follow-up, Frank Rich's column today is an excellent piece devoted to the impotence and campiness of the original ad, and the parodies and ridicule it has generated. Mr. Rich does make important points, and even tells you about the people behind it. One Princeton professor probably will not like it, because the link on Rich's piece points to contact information for him.

You can find the Rich essay here.

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