Monday, November 13, 2006

CNN Applies White-Out To Mehlman Outing

Welcome to the age of media revisionism.

Last week, Bill Maher made an appearance on Larry King. On his show, he discussed his plans to out certain prominent Republicans. As King sat there dumbfounded, over the fact that a GOP leader could possibly be homosexual, Maher blurted out that one of the people he was referring to was Ken Mehlman. King, who apparently has been living in a cave for the last half-dozen years seemed dumbstruck by the revelation.

So CNN got out the bleach.

When the West Coast aired the show, the outing of Ken Mehlman was cut from the feed.

To make matters worse, CNN excised the comment from the transcripts. From their website:
MAHER: Well, there's a couple of big people who I think everyone in Washington knows who run the Republican...

KING: You will name them?

MAHER: Well, I wouldn't be the first. I'd get sued if I was the first. (A PORTION OF THIS TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN REMOVED)

KING: ... why would someone who is gay take public anti-gay positions? Why would you do that?

MAHER: Because, Larry, hating yourself is the greatest love of all. Self-loathing.

KING: Great way to close out this segment. It's poignant.
But, CNN is not stopping there. They have issued a cease-and-desist order to You Tube and bloggers who posted the unedited interview.

(Click on the above form to enlarge it.)

Fortunately, not everyone is so easily cowed. The Huffington Post still has a copy of the video running.

For the before and after video and transcript, point your browser here.

As for Maher's promised outing of GOP operatives on his show...well, that never happened. In fact, he didn't even mention his appearance on King.

Gee, do you suppose that he just forgot?


Bretton Pellicone said...

Ken Mehlman has been ducking questions about his sexuality for years. If he was heterosexual, he would have had NO PROBLEM saying so any of the umpteen times that he was asked in interviews. You will notice that right after the Foley scandal broke, Mehlman was nowhere to be found. They kept him out of sight. Wonder why?

I also think it is interesting that Melhman has been replaced by Mel Martinez as head of the RNC. Martinez is the most offensive GAY BASHER in Congress. To go from a gay man to a vocal gay bashing caveman shows where the GOP is heading in light of the Foley/Haggard developments.

Oh, and isn't it interesting that David Drier (R-CA) was nowhere to be heard from this election season. He is the third most powerful man in the republican ranks of the House. He has been silenced by the party since dealing with his own gay issues. This is a man who used to be a fixture on FOX News as a mouthpiece for the GOP. How quickly they fall from grace once outed.

The only reason Mehlman is staying in is because we see what happens to them when they come out. They are served a quick and quiet death never to be seen or heard from again.

I will NEVER understand why any gay man would CHOSE to be a republican.

Brett Pellicone

Naomi said...

BP: they choose it because it's hiding in plain sight, where all the rest of the compensating white men with ED and "mommy-issues" hide!

Mehlman goes to ground quite frequently, doesn't he? There's a candidate who has ducked the question, as well. Although not a Republican, he could easily be mistaken for one. And there have been rumors around town (his) that he's a "sexual suspect". Not hard to understand what that means...

Now that that progressive (*cough*) country of South Africa has okayed gay marriage, can we be far behind?

Yes, indeedy, we can!


scootmandubious said...

I do believe that as the GOP shifted further and further to the right, the Log Cabin Republicans were getting more uncomfortable with their party.

But, you are right Bretton, how could any gay man...or should I say self-respecting gay man...stay in the GOP.

Sorry, but after the delegates at the GOP convention turned their backs when Kolbe spoke, that should have been when gays left the party in droves.

Who knows...maybe they did.