Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reflections From A 'Neurotic Iraqi Wife'

Something learned early from reading the blogposts of Iraqis is the fact that one can't easily pigeonhole the politics of what is now occurring. The overall sense of frustration, along with the lessening of the quality of everyday life, has translated into posts that are tinged with a sense of overwhelming grief and utter hopelessness on what can even be done to alleviate the suffering.

And yet, they do not necessarily conform to the political posturing on this issue here.

Neurotic Iraqi Wife

The blogger, pictured above, at the bluntly-named, 'Neurotic Iraqi Wife' site, is a good representation of the increased desperation and rage that is seething in the wake of the escalating violence.

That rage is fully evident when she writes,
"They said Thursday was the deadliest day in Iraq. Let me correct this statement. Thursday was one OF the deadliest days in Iraq and if we think this is bad, and there cant be anything worse, believe me things WILL get even worse. Maliki's government proved to the world they are puppets to the militias. In my opinion, I think all the cabinet and ministers should step down, step down and leave that darn chair.

"Martial law should be put in place, and a strong military guy comes in. No militias, no Sadrists, no Badrists, no Islamists. A pure Military persona that leads with an iron fist. Gets rid of the cancer that has been created. Its beyond any persons imagination how an Iraqi, can kill another Iraqi by pouring Kerosene and burn him alive because he is Sunni. Its beyond any persons imagination how an Iraqi, can kill hundreds of Iraqis in one day because they are Shias.

"We have become savages. The lid has opened and so many cockroaches and spiders crawled out of the can. I wish it was that easy. Even the coackroaches and Spiders can get killed by using an insecticide. Question is, how can you get rid of these militias and Terrorists that overtook my country??? And people say we are under occupation. Yes we are under occupation but not by the coalition forces, we are under Militia occupation. Do you hear me??? Wake up and smell the roses, oh sorry there are no roses in Iraq anymore, I should say Wake up and smell the dead carnage. Dont you dare say to me that we are occupied by these forces. State your facts clearly. WE ARE UNDER MILITIA/TERRORIST OCCUPATION...OK???

"I never liked Bush, infact I loathe him for what he did to my country, but at the same time, I loathe Sadr and Hakeem, Dhari and Bin Laden. Oh and let me not leave out the greatest criminal of all, Saddam!!! The man who created all this mayhem. The man who was behind all this. And yet he is the only safe Iraqi in this country. I loathe everyone that did this to Iraq, every single one. I loathe the whole government for not standing up for the Iraqis. They just care of themselves and their own personal agendas. The tortured bodies that are found everyday dumped on the streets of Baghdad is similar and probably worse than the days of Saddam. Im ashamed, Im ashamed of that darn purple finger. Im ashamed of the day millions of Iraqis went out of their way and voted, risked their lives and voted, Voted in hope to get their saviour, instead they voted for their OWN KILLERS."

The State Of Mullas And Militias

Neurotic Iraqi Wife wants military rule to be instituted, because of the growing anarchy unfolding around her. She would rather have some sort of structure of laws, rather than live under a faux 'democracy.'

Additionally, while she despises George Bush, she is in total fear of what is going to happen after the Americans leave. NIW writes:
The State of Mullas and Militias, thats what Iraq has become. And you tell me occupied. Im gonna say this once and for all to all those who keep saying we are under occupation. YES we are under occupation by the peasants and the IGNORANT people that think just like you. If the forces leave just like what you want, then watch all the gardens and backyards turn into morgues. MORGUES FILLED WITH YOUR OWN PEOPLE!!!Oh I forgot, You dont give a damn shit, cuz you call yourselves Patriots!!! Patriots my A**.

If the forces leave, watch how Hakeem will give the South to Iran on a silver plate, watch how the Kurds will take the North, they deserve it, I mean after all, they atleast are united towards building their own state. Oh and let me not forget Baghdad, Baghdad will be the rogue state, that of Militias, Dharists and Bin Ladens. Yeah hell why not let the forces leave, we dont need them, we have everything under control. Oh let them leave, we are sooooo ready to takeover now. So ready!!! Whats another million Iraqi getting killed??? Its just another statistic on a piece of paper....Damn you, damn everyone who calls themself a Patriot and a nationalist. You are no where near the true meaning of these words. No where near!!! What BULLSHIT!!!

That Pitiful Purple Finger

U.S. troops cannot remain in Iraq indefinitely just because the country has descended into chaos. We have not helped to alleviate the carnage, thus far.

However, since we helped created the anarchy in her country, we should think long and hard about the way we exit and what we leave behind.

Today on Meet The Press, Rep. Duncan Hunter once again uttered the banal GOP mantra of "we are gonna win this contest."

To Iraqis, like Neurotic Iraqi Wife, that rhetoric is totally meaningless. She concludes in her most recent blogpost with this:
The only people that have lost here are the innocent Iraqis. They are the only victims in this game. And they will continue to be victims, until all those criminals get eradicated from the face of the earth... I repeat and say Im ashamed, Im ashamed of that day. Im ashamed of that day I voted and made my voice heard. Im ashamed of that Purple finger I proudly exhibited...Im Ashamed of that darn Purple Finger, that Pitiful Purple Finger...

To access the Neurotic Iraqi Wife blog, point your browser here.

To access Friday's post with links and excerpts from recent posts by Iraqi bloggers, 'Hammorabi,' 'Healing Iraq,' and 'Iraqi Rocker,' click here.


Anonymous said...

I feel for this person and for thoughtful Iraqis throughout the country. She is right in the middle of the madness and yet, one senses she is one of the few rational voices coming out of Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Got the link of HuffPo. A sad and
compelling read.

Robert Kennedy said...

I also linked over from Huffpo...this is beyond sad, it's an outrage. We have not just "broken Iraq", we have pulverized it. From the day our troops entered Baghdad and surrounded the Oil Ministry and let Baghdad's Libraries and Museums be destroyed and looted without lifting a finger, I knew at that moment the moral imperative of the US was lost; only to be further diminished by the outrages of Abu Ghrahib, then the Massacre at Fallujah, and the list is now almost endless. There is no solution to this awful conundrum, which only an idiot like Bush or an evil sociopath like Cheney, who must have awakened one morning and thought, "what can we do to REALLY screw things up in Iraq?" Hell, maybe he wakes up every day with that same dilemna. I doubt if the regime in DC could have come up with a more destructive, counterproductive, regressive scenario than what is daily occurring in Iraq than what we are seeing.

My heart goes out to people like this 'neurotic housewife', who is really a thoughtful, intelligent woman. (The neurotics are here - worried about what color their next SUV should be or whether they should go to the mall or just sit by the pool and call over their personal trainer.)

My republican mom (talk about neurotic housewives) lived in the delusional Duncan Hunter's district back when he seemed like a rock-solid voice of reason and 'conservative values'. She supported him in every one of his elections. I must write him and ask just how he would define a "win" for Iraq? Win what? At this point, I think the best the US can hope for is to cut our losses and hope for the best, because like this neurotic housewife pointed out, we have opened Pandora's Box, and the lid cannot be put back.

Robert Kennedy
Salisbury, NC

scootmandubious said...

As of this writing, nearly 1,000 people have accessed this post and gotten the opportunity to see the occupation of Iraq in very personal terms.

It's so easy to let the news coverage de-humanize us. That's why I find it so important to listen directly to the voices of Iraqi bloggers.

I just hope that many of you linked to the site and saved her blog as a favorite (I linked to a few others on Friday).

It makes an amazing difference in how we view the horror when we at least make an attempt to personalize it.

This is something that Neurotic Iraqi Wife does extremely well.

Hopefully, this will lead to an even wider exposure to her site.

neurotic_wife said...

Scootman, wow, thanx alot for linking to my post. Although I got many angry emails, Im satisfied that my words are being heard by many. People who can understand whats happening here. People who are neutral yet can form their own opinion by reading the Iraqi blogs.

Its a mayhem, a real mayhem. A state of Chaos, thats what Iraq boiled down to, from a State of terror (Saddam's time) to a state of chaos (current time)

Its an ongoing sectarian struggle that no one is putting an end to. And honestly I dont think anyone can. Even words from the PM are useless now, "stop the violence" he said on Stae TV...As if people are gonna let go of their arms and say yes sir. Im just so so angry right now, so angry and hopeless....

Thanx again for linking to my post, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

If only the intelligence community would recognize the reality for Iraqies, then maybe we could make intelligent decisions not just for ourselves but for humanity.

We are a long way from resolving things when people see the Purple Finger as a hoax, defeat and failure.

Thank you for bearing witness to this tradgedy I hope your efforts give some releif and help towards some peace.

Blessing to you.

Naomi said...

The right-wing reactionary bloggers would never deign to read her blog--too much truth for them to deal with, I guess. Or they don't have enough heart, soul or conscience.

The mainstream media finds it "an inconvenient truth" so they turn back to Bush and his pet monkey, Tony Snow. And the MSM continues taking their dictation like it's the final exam in stenography class...

Scoot, it must be up to us, to your blog, mine and all the other blogs in the "leftosphere". Let this be our mission.

Stay safe, Iraqi Wife--I don't think you're neurotic, at all. And keep blogging. We need your voice.