Monday, March 13, 2006

Democrats Shoot Themselves In Foot Again

Who needs Dick Cheney, when once again Senate Democrats have demonstrated a great capacity for inflicting injury upon their friends?

One would think that with the President's approval ratings in the tank, and his crusade to destroy civil liberties in high gear thanks to Dem capitulation, a vote to censure Bush would give Democrats a chance to make clear their displeasure.

Not this bunch.

Just like these cowards did to Rep Murtha, Dems are scurrying to have to avoid taking a principled stand on the war being waged on our civil rights.

After Senator Russ Feingold introduced a resolution calling for the censure of Bush, Senator Bill Frist, knowing the breed of coward he has been bullying, pushed to get a censure vote on the record. Predictably, the Dems freaked out and have managed to forestall such a vote. They made it very clear that they were doing so because they did not want to alienate allegedly 'swing' voters.

All these tweedle-dees did was to show just how similar they are to tweedle-dum.

It's one thing for Senator Lieberman to say he would have voted against censure. After all, Lieberman is a Republican in Democrat's clothing. But the whining and gnashing of teeth by the usual suspects in the Senate plus Pelosi's mealy-mouthed response is too much to bear. Rep. Pelosi, you are no leader.

Do Democrats have any clue about the mood of the country, or their own party for God's sake?

We need to write our senators and congresspeople now and send a message.

Grow a spine, or lose our support in the primaries.

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