Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why Brokeback Crashed

The loss of "Brokeback Mountain" as Best Picture at the Oscars, just like heavily favored, and openly gay actor, Sir Ian McKellen's loss for "Gods And Monsters," revealed how homophobic Hollywood is.

Don't believe me? Just rewatch the tape of Heath and Jake as presenters at the SAG Awards. A total embarrassment. As if they were ashamed they were cast as gay lovers. Maybe that is why Ang Lee chose not to mention them in his acceptance speech.

Forget the plethora of filmdom closet cases and GLAAD cocktail parties. Hollywood proved that they are as backwards as the rest of puritanical America in the face of global progression of glbt civil rights in other western nations.

You see, an image of 2 men being intimate and the reality of men being murdered solely for who they choose to love is too uncomfortable for these people to even watch. You can't vote for a film that you choose not to even see. Critics saw both and they knew which the better picture was.

So now our allegedly 'progressive' Academy voters can pat themselves on the back for honoring rap, albeit misogynist rap, and a faux 'racism' flick.

"Crash" is about as realistic as the bubble these voters house themselves in.

So is the homophobic result.

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