Sunday, March 26, 2006

What Dems Must Do To Take Back Congress

Despite, encouraging poll numbers that suggest that Democrats hold a huge edge over the GOP in upcoming local races, there are several things that are imperative for the Dems to get back the House and Senate:

1) More than anything else, we have to be alert to the GOP dirty tricks at the polls. Among these problems are a way to guarantee that the vote that is cast is the one that is registered. Why is this not more of a front-and-center concern of Dem politicians? For a full airing of the most recent election fraud, please read Mark Crispin Miller's excellent book "Fooled Again."

2) Make this election about oversight, over everything else. It is relatively easy to argue that keeping GOP incumbents in power will allow George Bush to never have to answer for anything. Make this race about Bush, because, thanks to lack of accountability by his GOP cohorts, it is. Remind voters that the GOP has stalled investigation of important issues at every opportunity.

3) Ignore the comments of lame Dem consultants that argue against taking a position on anything, preferring to let the GOP shoot themselves in the foot. We must dispense with this sort of 'loser' mentality that has cost us the last 2 elections. We should not always be re-active to GOP attacks. We must be pro-active and put the GOP on the defensive. That was what Senator Russell Feingold was attempting to do with his censure proposal. My God, what are we afraid of?

If we start with the above 3 important items, we have a chance to get our country back. If we don't, do not be too surprised. Democratic leadership has constantly shown it isn't ready for prime time. If they do not wake up, if they do not win in '06, if the election results again conveniently do not match exit polls, than we must demand an entire shake-up of the Democratic party, and the whole election mindset, from top-to-bottom.

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