Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lieberman Proposes "Short Ride" For Rape Victims

Do we need any more of a reason to support Ned Lamont against Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic primary? Because this self-righteous tool of the Bush Administration has just handed over another.

According to The New Haven Register:

"Lieberman said he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for 'principled reasons' shouldn’t be forced to do so. 'In Connecticut, it shouldn’t take more than a short ride to get to another hospital,' he said."

Principled reasons?

How principled is it to, in effect, tell a rape victim that she should carry the rapist's baby to term. Essentially, that is what some hospitals are doing when they refuse contraception. Why would you make a rape victim travel to a different hospital for treatment? These are 'family values?' This is 'morality?'

If it were his own daughter, I wonder if Lieberman would be so cavalier in insisting she take that "short ride" to a more friendly hospital.

What a disgusting remark to make. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that he did not get to serve as VP.

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thromulese said...

This does not surprise me. He just continues to play to the same religious fanatical base that bush and his cronies kiss up to whenever there is an election coming up. It is disgusting, and shows exactly why he needs to be replaced by a REAL democrat.

Go Mr. Lamont