Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Would Jesus Vote?

At the website for Focus On the Family, one of their FAQs is, "Can you give me evidence to suggest my vote makes a difference?"

The response begins with a reference to some very close elections and then makes the following observation:

It is a moral outrage that more Christians do not take their voting responsibilities seriously. If they did, this would be a very different nation, and a better one. But for reasons beyond my comprehension, evangelicals are either too involved, too preoccupied, or too disinterested to hold our elected officials accountable and keep our democracy on track.
Wow, am I behind the times. Here I thought that the evangelical right-wing was firmly in control. Apparently, not even close.

That point leads to this revelation:

Because so few citizens vote, many of us are unaware that a small minority actually dominates national politics (not to mention local elections).
Gotcha loud-and-clear on that one.

Still later:

And obviously, more is at stake than merely the influence of chief-executive policy for a four-year term -- judicial appointments made by the president can directly impact our culture and our families for half a lifetime or more.
We are most definitely on the same page here!

The final 2 paragraphs of the response sum it up:

Your vote is crucial if we are to reintroduce the traditional, family-friendly values on which our nation was founded. A great member of the British Parliament, Edmund Burke, said something 250 years ago that still resonates today: "All that is necessary for evil to prevail in the world is that good men do nothing."

So get involved! The same Jesus who multiplied the young lad's loaves and fishes will be faithful to multiply the efforts of those of us who honor His name in the political arena.
So, here is what I was wondering....

If Jesus were orchestrating the vote, would He be in favor of letting the poor suffer while the rich get tax breaks?

Would Jesus have let New Orleans turn into the tragedy it became in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

Speaking of tragedies, would Jesus have invaded Iraq? I realize that the vast majority of Iraqis are muslims and are, if you listen to these people, doomed to Hell. But is that Jesus' desired result if we are the ones killing them and sending them to the eternal hot spot?

What about the babies our bombs have killed? Of course, it's important that our corporations have access to the Iraqi oilfields and that Halliburton get their rightful share of the reconstruction pie, but come on, these babies haven't had a chance yet to fully embrace the love behind the greed and violence.

Given the choice, how could somebody not choose the religion of a nation run by a 'decider' imbued by the spirit of God Himself? Oh, the victims are less than a year old? Collateral damage is part of God's plan, don't ya know.

So, all you spiritual soldiers for God, make sure you go to the polls and vote correctly.

Surely Jesus would not want you to vote for the party that seeks to help the poor, thinks of war as a last resort, practices diplomacy to keep the peace, and asks the rich to pay their rightful share.

Let us pray.

And when you're done, please don't forget to send in your money.

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