Thursday, August 10, 2006

Timmerman Goes 'Nucular'

Ken Timmerman, right-winger from, just did something unintentionally hilarious.

The man who wrote, "Countdown To Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran," just promoted his book on MSNBC's Tucker Carlson program, using King George's pronunciation of 'nucular!'

It should be noted what WaPo said about his book (I am quoting the review found on

Timmerman's thesis is simplistic and provocative: Iran is America's most militant, relentless enemy and has been involved in nearly every terrorist attack against the United States since 1979. Iran is also actively seeking the bomb -- not for deterrence, but to menace the United States and its allies. After all, as the author suggests, "Only one Iranian nuclear-tipped missile needs to penetrate Israel's Arrow antimissile defenses to devastate Israel's highly concentrated population, destroy its economy, and effectively smash the state. Israel is a 'one-bomb' country and the Iranians know it." Timmerman dismisses any challenge to such claims as evidence of the pusillanimous nature of the U.S. intelligence services, the fecklessness of American politicians and, of course, the crass inclination of European appeasers to subordinate principle to commercial gain.

Timmerman, the author of earlier books attacking France and Jesse Jackson, begins his book with the outlandish claim that Iran was complicit in the Sept. 11, 2001, atrocities. In his retelling of history, a craven CIA, determined to exonerate rogue states that sponsor terrorism, has deliberately withheld this information from the American public. The conclusions of the numerous congressional investigations and journalistic inquiries into Sept. 11 are simply ignored. The one independent examination that Timmerman does cite, the 9/11 Commission, is faulted for missing what he considers the all-too-apparent Iran link. The reader gets the impression that Timmerman would rather not bother with facts precisely because they undermine his conspiracy theory.

So why is this genius, who can't even pronounce the word 'nuclear,' though he has written a book on the subject, being given so much time on MSNBC at all? So much for credibility, Tucker (not that we expected much).

Aren't there saner individuals who can talk about the arrests in Britain over an alleged conspiracy to blow up planes with liquid explosives?

People wonder why the left has lost all confidence in the cable news networks.

Maybe it's just that we're all going 'nucular.'

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