Friday, August 18, 2006

This Is News???

Does anybody else think the unholy trio of pseudo-news networks are beginning to resemble a macabre 3-ring circus?

All it takes is the tiniest oozing of sleaze and the sharks at Fox, CNN and MSNBC smell the blood and go into a veritable feeding frenzy.

Oh no, a plane is landing with just 3 wheels...please, oh please...let this end badly so we can have news footage to sustain us for days, weeks, months. In the meantime, let's show nothing else for 2 hours, or however long it takes the plane to land/crash.

A pretty, young, causasian woman is missing on an exotic island. Does anyone have rights to the reality series? Why that footage of her in the back seat of a car is just so photogenic. One could almost think she was once actually...alive. Just how many ways can we beat this dead horse? Hmmmm, maybe "The Ghost Whisperer" can step in and help? Is John Edwards available?

And now, stepping-up-to-the-plate, JonBenet's secret admirer, Kid killer Karr.

So what if he mentioned picking her up from school (isn't Christmas recess in Colorado longer than 1 day?), drugging her (those invisible drugs that don't show up in an autopsy report) and accidentally killing her (I thought the garotte was supposed to twist the 'other' way)?

Hey, maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, but damn, he looks like a modern-day Norman Bates. Let's squeeze all the juice out.

Besides, covering this story non-stop gives everybody a break from the gruesome realities of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Israel.

Oh, and are people still dying in Darfur?

Coverage would be so much more viewer-friendly if the victims were white, don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant commentary on the insanity of America's "news" industry, which is really just a ratings war to get the highest possible rates for 30 second commercials.

I have found a kindred spirit. Keep on blogging!!!


renegade28 said...

I keep thinking that the people are going to wake up, but not a chance. The dumbing down of America is finally complete. Corporate America has won.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for Bush & the so called "tv news industry" Americans only care about their non ending supply of

Mother...will you hurry up with the
damm pork rinds...Desperate Housetramps in on!

xoites said...

The "dumbing down" of America is a total failure. We have people blogging all over the place about how screwed up the media is. Don't sell your fellow citizens short. Corporate America wants you to think the rest of us are seriously disinterested in reality. The facts are what they want to obscure. Don't let them, speak out.