Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The 'S' Files: Installment 1

Sometimes you feel like a blurb...sometimes you don't.

In the interest of filling my need for the occasional random musing, I hereby debut the 's' files.

'S,' as in 's'o many topics, 's'o little time....short, scattershot, scootmandubious snippets.


* How ironic, Spike Lee produces an outstanding 4-1/2 hour retrospective on Katrina and the only people who can see it are those who can afford to shell out the extra money for HBO. So much for the commentary about the haves and have-nots.

* The vultures are not done picking through John Mark Karr's bones yet. Now, in an effort to give Nancy Grace and Rita Cosby a reason to exist, we are being treated to what must happen to Karr now for possessing child pornography.

Yes, he does seem rather pathetic and anybody who possesses child porn should have to answer for it, but how many of them are guaranteed to be damaged goods for the rest of their lives?

And is it really worth taking away from coverage of stories that matter? Aren't lives still being lost in Iraq?

Keep those nostrils flared Nancy, and don't lose that husky charm Rita, you'll find a story deserving of your talents soon enough.

* MSNBC covered today, for what felt like an eternity, a police chase of a catering truck, complete with aerial photos from a helicopter. Was this the OJ moment revisited?

Nah, it was a woman avoiding the cops after a traffic incident.

I will admit that I did not check out the other cable news nets for fear that they may actually be following suit. The story was so big that, as of this writing, it has yielded 1 local update in a google news search.

Heckuva job Dan Abrams. That's how to battle Fox and CNN.

*Despite having nothing new on my blog for the past couple of days, I received a huge spike in hits. Upon checking my web-stat records, I noticed it was a slew of folks googling CNN news reader Kyra Phillips.

When Media Matters linked to my Kyra Phillips piece a couple of weeks ago, where I griped that she asked the soldier who exposed Abu Ghraib if he felt like a traitor, it produced virtually no new hits.

Then suddenly, in the past 24 hours, Phillips' name produced a flood.

Unfortunately, it was a flood of people who wanted to know what she said in the bathroom while her microphone was left on.

Imagine their disappointment when their searches led to a story about the disgraceful lack of professionalism, and attendant right-wing bias, in the cable news industry.

Dishing about in-laws is so much more entertaining.

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