Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fight The AFA Boycott

The extremist-right group AFA is advocating a boycott of stores because they will not be bullied into referring to the season as a 'Christmas season.'

Because enlightened stores show deference to the recognition that America is made up of many faiths that celebrate religious holidays this time of year, Judaism, and Muslim among them, not to mention out of respect for atheists who take part in the secular celebration of the holiday, the AFA has announced a boycott against the following (see list below).

Please counter the boycott by purchasing products from these companies and thank them for not being held hostage to the religious right-wing.

Share this with your family and friends. Ask them to purchase products from the following list of stores and encourage others to thank these stores for not caving in to religious blackmail. Please spread the message around.

Put the right-wing bullies in their place.

From the AFA:
Companies against "Christmas"

updated 11-14-08

Barnes&Noble 1-800-843-2665 - Offers "Holiday Gift Guide." Christmas not found on website. Online feedback form (bottom of page)

Best Buy 1-800-BEST-BUY - AFA's top SCROOGE Award winner. The 2008 "Holiday Gift Guide" goes out of its way to avoid Christmas. In an online survey, Best Buy refers to Christmas as "this holiday."

Costco 800-774-2678 - Costo's "Holiday Catalog" is obvious in purposely avoiding the use of Christmas. Heavily references "holiday" in its Gift Guide Catalog. email Costco

CVS Pharmacy 1-800-746-7287 - CVS offers a "Holiday Center" on its website. The Nov. paper insert avoids using the term "Christmas." Phone: 888-607-4287 or email

Dollar General 615-855-4000 - Offers "holiday" shopping on its website. No reference to Christmas. online form

Gap Stores (Gap, Old Navy) 1-800-427-7895 - Gap stores avoid using Christmas at every opportunity, being a very secular company.

Kroger 1-866-221-4141 -Website uses "holiday" extensively. Weekly ad uses "holiday." email Kroger

Office Depot 1-800-463-3768 - Newspaper inserts reference "holiday" only. Website void of Christmas references. Online form

Olive Garden 800-331-2729 -

Petsmart 1-888-839-9638 - In-store signage avoids using Christmas altogether. Online form

Radio Shack 1-800-843-7422 - Website search for "Christmas" results in "holiday" page. No mention of Christmas anywhere. Online feedback form

Staples 508-253-0879 - Staples' press release referred to "holiday" 13 times without a single mention of Christmas. Last year, Staples emailed a customer to say it refused to post "Christmas" signs in their store. Live chat with Staples online or email Staples.

SUPERVALU 952-828-4000 -Owns Albertsons and Jewel-Osco. Refers to Christmas decorations as "holiday" on website and weekly ads. email SUPERVALUE


Sarah said...

You should have an option for people to "follow" your blog. You can set it up on your dashboard. I enjoyed reading your work.


scootmandubious said...

Thanks Sarah. I think the option is already there. But I will drop you e-mail to confirm.

Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this list. I had trouble finding a list on the AFA site. Now I will be able to boycott all of these companies.

scootmandubious said...

I posted the above response for a reason.

Anybody who would boycott a company because they want Jews, Muslims, or people of any other religion (or those who don't practice any religion) to feel disenfranchised, is a mindless bigot.

Please, boycott them. I hate to shop in a place populated by prejudiced people.

I also understand your moniker, anonymous.

I guess it's easier to wear a white sheet when you hide behind your keyboard. What a courageous bigot you are!

You have absolutely no concept of what Christ's teachings mean at all.