Sunday, November 16, 2008

Michael Weiner Says Obama's Grandmother's Death Is Suspicious

Michael Alan Weiner has crossed the line. Recent remarks of his suggest that he believes that President-elect Obama allegedly flew to Hawaii shortly before Election Day, to somehow doctor evidence in the matter of his supposededly illegitimate birth certificate. He then suggests a diabolical end for Obama's now-deceased grandmother, without coming right out and saying it.

Weiner, better known by his macho-sounding, on-air surname Savage, can officially consider himself the prime spokesperson of the right-wing loony fringe.

Move over Ann Coulter.

According to a transcript from Media Matters, Michael Weiner (so much more appropriate than Savage), made the following comment:
Well, we don't even know where Obama was born. His grandmother died the night before the election. There's a lot of questions around this character that the media won't answer. Let's start with what country he's from. Why was the birth certificate never produced? Why in the world did he take time off from the campaign to visit the grandmother who then suddenly and suspiciously died virtually the night before the election? Tell me about that.
Did he really just say Obama's grandmother died "suspiciously?" Just what is this man trying to insinuate? And how manly of him to not make direct assertions himself, but take the coward's way out and throw it out there...deliberately spreading misleading gossip and innuendo?

What do you think happened, Mr. Weiner? Do you think somebody took her out to gain a few electoral votes? Then come out and say it.

Further, we do know where Obama was born. All of the false rumors and innuendo have been thoroughly debunked.

But for that right-wing talking mouthpiece to suggest what he has is beyond the pale.

As has been reported in numerous locations, the recent election of a black man as president has caused an outpouring of hateful, racial incidents, by those of lesser intellect and humanity, so easily led by manipulators, such as Weiner, egging them on

If ever a situation was begging for a sponsor boycott, this may be it.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Please get this man fired.