Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Obama

Words can't express how proud I was of the election results tonight.

Senator Barack Obama overcame an initial disadvantage of lack of funds, a favored primary opponent, and ultimately the most base sort of slime campaign against him, to win the presidency.

Senator John McCain, choosing to bow to the religious right, selected as Vice President a woman he hardly knew, who had been barely vetted, But he chose her because she brought in the important religious core. I will save this for another time, but I believe the selection of Palin to be the biggest mistake McCain ever made, and it makes one question his overall judgement.

McCain spent so much time attacking Obama, that there was little time to tout his own credentials. It was a disastrous choice for him. Nothing stuck. And it cost him his reputation.

The margin of victory turned out to be impressive. I will sleep well, knowing we are in President-Elect Barack Obama's capable hands.

Normally I would take this time to reach across the aisle, but something happened today to make me question it. I was sent nasty, threatening comments here. Additionally, I have seem some outrageous e-mails about Obama that really upset me, passed along by people I really care about. Some from family, others by friends.

The e-mails originated from the same people who accused Obama about lying for the reasoning behind his Hawaiian trip to visit his dying grandmother. They mocked the story. Yet, now that she has passed on, you know they will not bother with an apology.

Bottom line: no olive branch. John McCain and Sarah Palin ran a dishonorable campaign that was incredibly offensive to me. I would rather let them wallow in the sour fruit of their own making.

Maybe this will change in the future. For now I just want to celebrate the Obama win.

I may take a few days off to savor the moment.

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