Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lieberman Must Go

Give President-elect Barack Obama credit, if he can forgive back-stabber Joe Lieberman, he can forgive anybody.

Senator Lieberman, it should be reminded, couldn't even clearly state that Obama is not Muslim. He attacked and questioned Obama's patriotism. It would be one thing if Lieberman were merely supporting and praising his long-time friend John McCain. It is quite another to demonize Obama as he did.

In that spirit, Brave New Films has put out a video that calls for Lieberman to be stripped of his committee chairmanship. I could not agree more.

Watch the video and you will understand why Joe must go. As for Lieberman's threats, can you imagine the reaction from his state if he decided to start voting like a right-wing Republican on most issues? Let him try.

For more, visit "Lieberman Must Go."

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