Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Video That Shows What World Leaders Think Of Bush

I have to admit. I watched this video in amazement more than once. Observe how the leaders before and after him are recieved, compared to the total lack of hand-shaking between Bush and the others.

Either George Bush chooses to be an isolationist representative of America at the G-20 summit, or he is held in nearly uniform disdain.

I suspect the latter, but view this CNN footage for yourselves, and decide.


Franco said...

Bush already shook hands with them all in previous meetings. This video has been fully debunked and the CNN guy needs to do some more homework and not let his partisanship slip in front of the viewers,

scootmandubious said...

I would like documentation of your claim that this video has been debunked. Where is the link?

It makes no sense that once leaders have exchanged handshakes, they needn't do it again.

Are you saying that all the other leaders had not exchanged handshakes prior to this photo op?

Sounds like a spurious claim to me.

Again, show me the evidence.

Franco said...

Anyone who knows anything about politics, foreign policy and diplomacy knows this kind of thing just doesn't happen. Perhaps scootmandubious can be forgiven for indulging in this fantasy, but Rick Sanchez displays profound ignorance and incuriosity for a CNN anchor.

He watches the video twice and can only come to one conclusion - that Bush, the President of the United States of America is being publicly snubbed by world leaders, including his friend and ally Merkel.

Jeannie Moos, also from CNN, smacks down spokesmodel Sanchez:

MOOS: It turns out the president had already shaken everybody's hand earlier that same day. In fact, he had shaken most of their hands twice starting the day before. Responding to the where's the love perceived snub, the White House noted the president had already greeted all of those leaders prior to this picture, whereas the other leaders had not had the opportunity to greet each other yet that morning.

(on camera): When it comes to diplomatic protocol there is one unshakeable rule, shake hands no matter how much you like or dislike a leader, unless you're outright enemies.

(voice-over): The snub that wasn't occurred as the leaders were lining up for a group photo. They took the picture and they had to turn around and do it again, because Argentina's first female president arrived late. Oops. Take two.

OOOPS is right.

You can watch the segment here.

scootmandubious said...

Unless I see your response debunked, I accept your refutation.

I don't see that Ms. Moos would have any agenda, other than to clear up a misconception.

I will admit, I thought the entire episode was extremely odd, no matter what one think's of President Bush.

Thanks for your clarification of events. As for your 'forgiveness' for my 'indulgence in fantasy,' let's just say I found your use of language amusing.

Considering the comments from Jeannie Moos, perhaps Mr. Sanchez needed to do a bit more investigative journalism on this before offering up his analysis.