Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bush 2004 Political Ads: Sound Familiar?

In an affort to not repeat the mistakes of the past, I thought I would post a couple of the Bush '04 campaign ads. It is interesting to hear the promises that George Bush made for the 2004 election. The above ad had a whole litany of promises that sound remarkably like a 2008 McCain ad (on the rare occasion he does not attack Barack Obama's character).

The references to reducing dependency on foreign energy and strengthening social security are especially ironic. We can be equally confident that in '08, when the McCain makes the same claims, we would have the same result 4 years later. Empty words.

Below is another ad, specifically focusing on our economy. Once again, the mantra is that the Democrats want to destroy small business owners and wreck the economy. That is the excuse that the GOP always uses when choosing not to address why there are no regulations or oversight directed at big business at all. Or why some businesses just don't seem to be paying any taxes.

Watch, and see how many of these promises were kept. Job creation, anyone?

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