Sunday, September 28, 2008

Separated At Birth: Sarah Palin & Miss South Carolina

For those who watched the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric with a dropped jaw, you will appreciate the above video, juxtaposing Sarah Palin's convoluted responses to those notoriously given by Miss South Carolina, at last year's Miss Teen USA competition.

Is it me, or do they share an identical rhetorical style?

Yes, John McCain has certainly selected the ideal representative from the religious right. And a former pageant contestant in her own right.

Perhaps in the next interview segment, Katie might ask Ms. Palin to do a bit of baton-twirling for us.


kalster said...

Well done. Your blog site is very well crafted. Thank you for putting it all together. What was the GOP thinking when they picked Palin? They weren't. We can't have her in office. Please post something about the women who used to support Palin to now calling for her departure from the race. Thanks!

scootmandubious said...

Thanks for the kind words kalster.

Now that the empress has been shown to be lacking her clothes, I hope to be able to post a future piece from former Palin enthusiasts who have now seen the light. (Or the dim bulb, in this case!)

Good idea for a post. Thanks again.

messa said...

Thank you, thank you for creating this- though it is Palin who has created her own monster- I should know- I live in Alaska, near from where Palin is from- I was shocked, like many after she was named and then quickly realized she was only picked to appease the conservative right vote- you wouldn't pay me a million dollars to vote with her name on the ticket- seriously. People should however, worry in the future- if she manages to wedge her way into higher level national politics in the future- i.e. Senate level- we should be very very worried.

Anonymous said...

Ms. South Carolina won't be a heartbeat from the presidency.

Whereas, Psycho Sarah.....

Terry C, Obama/Biden 2008

Anonymous said...

I wished Katie would have recreated the scene from "Old Acquaintence".

When Bette Davis grabs Miriam Hopkins by the shoulders and shakes the sh*t out of her!

God, she is SO stupid....and so SMUG about her stupidity!

Terry C, Obama/Biden 2008

Anonymous said...

Well done scootmandubious! First words out of my mouth after hearing Palin's interview with Katie Couric were "meet Miss South Carolina in 25 years."


Mike Sovacool said...

Thanks for taking the time to compile this information. I hope it makes people reconsider the appropriateness of Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate.
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Jedeki said...

Of course they're similar, they were both beauty pageant contestants. I just wish someone had video from the Miss Alaska pageant that she was in

Independent Voter said...

Dammit! She's making my head hurt again.

I can't take much more of this.