Thursday, September 04, 2008

When Are The Dems Going To Learn How To Fight?

I had to make a couple of brief comments, in the wake of the media genuflection over Sarah Palin's delivery of the speech written for her at the GOP convention.

Democrats need to learn how to play this game.

How is it that we are playing defense from attacks by Palin? Is this the other side of the looking glass?

Once again, Democrats are afraid to attack the GOP because we let them define the terms. We are supposed to mention John McCain/war hero, every time we have the audacity to question his foreign policy experience. And now, instead of McCain having to answer for putting an unknown, inexperienced, religious zealot within a heartbeat from the presidency, we are supposed to feel that her inexperience is somehow equivalent to Obama's? On any level?

Why, because we are afraid to attack a self-professed barracuda for alleged fear of offending Hillary supporters?

This is reading like a bad joke.

Let me make clear what the Democratic strategy has to be from this day forward.

Play offense.

Or lose.

One final thing...if you want 'community organizer' to not go the way of 'trial lawyers,' maybe the Dems could do what I saw suggested at Crooks & Liars...remind folks that Jesus was a community organizer.

Oh, by the way, so was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Susan B. Anthony.

Not to mention the countless people, in all the various service groups in communities all over America that exist to help people in all walks of life get empowered.

Since when do those who register voters (they're community organizers of the very best, most patriotic stripe) deserve to be tarred by a Rovian dirty trick?

Fait accomplis.


Bonnie said...

Just curious. Please tell me what Obama has done in the last 4 years. Not what he's talked about, what has he actually done besides write about himself? Perhaps he was a community organizer?

scootmandubious said...

Bonnie, please don't fall into the GOP trap of making 'community organizer' an insult.

Anybody who seriously wants to read about what Senator Obama has accomplished needs only go to his official website. There you can also get a very detailed look at his policy statements.

I do not need to do my homework for anybody on this. My listing what his accomplishments are would not make you vote for him anyway, it would be an utter waste of my time.

Again, anyone who really wants to know what Obama is about, beyond what the GOP talking points say, can find them at

If you go there and still don't know what he has accomplished, then don't vote for him. Vote for the man who was egging us on to go into Iraq way before Bush. Vote for the man who said Iraqi oil would pay for it and that we would be greeted as liberators. Vote for the man who thought that, if he couldn't run the country, Sarah Palin was the most qualified person in America to fill his shoes.

That is a man who makes thoughtful decisions and has a presidential temperament?

Well, maybe he does have the Bush temperament.

Maggie Knowles said...

Obama is light years ahead of any candidate that we've had in a long time. I am happy to see we have this choice, that it exists at all is a miracle.

Anyway, after watching Palin's speech at the RNC (I watched the entire DNC and RNC for the first time in my life) and reading the LA/NY Times and various blogs, you'd think she was the only candidate running, she was all anyone was writing about.

And here's Obama, running his campaign according to his values. He is demonstrating or walking the walk. It's quite extraordinary.

But I still wanted him to attack Palin.

Anonymous said...

I have been growing very concerned that the Dems are not fighting back. It seems as though they believe that any negative attack by them will make them look like the bad guys and hurt their chances. Joe Biden said yesterday that he is not going to attack Palin. That is his job. What the Dems don't seem to get is that this is a zero sum game. But they are still abiding by the rules that McCain discarded months ago. I am reminded of the movie "Mississippi Burning" where good guy Willem Dafoe wants to play by the rules and Gene Hackman says (to paraphrase)"These guys are down in the gutter. That's where we should be!"

scootmandubious said...

Obama should not have to be the one attacking Palin. And, he really hasn't been. The media allowed the GOP to make a talking point out of the 'lipstick' remark, which had nothing to do with Palin. Interestingly, McCain once made that reference about Hillary Clinton...did the media even report that?

Hillary Clinton should be the prime person speaking out against Palin, That fact that she hasn't done that yet has me dismayed.

I hope that Hillary is going to be a major player here. She needs to step up.

On a completely irrelevant front,
God bless Internet cafes!

See Palin has had a spiritual effect on me! ;-)

scootmandubious said...
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