Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack Cafferty Rips Palin Again On 2nd Couric Interview

This just keeps getting better.

John McCain now plays damage control and has to hold Sarah Palin's hand while she gets interviewed by Katie Couric about her disastrous first interview.

Click above to catch Jack Cafferty's priceless comment.

And, in case you missed the first Cafferty comments that sliced and diced Alaska's queen of pork, click on the following video:


Anonymous said...

Completely weak. Yes it's damage control... but we're talking about a *GAPING* hole on the side of the hull.

Sometimes it's better just to jump ship.


scootmandubious said...

Thanks for commenting. Actually, regarding the link you offered (video of the Miss Teen USA competition), my post prior to this has a much better version, juxtaposing the first Palin interview with Miss South Carolina's inane comments. Look at moy blogpost just prior to this and check out the video yourself. Or, if I can simplify it for you: