Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Calling Out McCain/Palin On Their Lies

CNN, to their credit, have a fairly powerful piece that takes on the lies of McCain/Palin. Click above to see it.

As I posted to Crooks and Liars, where I first caught this video clip, there needs to be a strong, unified response to this GOP strategy.

When the lies are blatant, reporters and the media need to continually refer to it in their coverage, not just in special features.

What the Obama campaign needs to do

If the Dems had run a similar campaign, there would be a united chorus of ‘liar’ coming out of the GOP. Where are the Democrats on this? How about calling out the GOP on specific, deliberate lies, that keep getting repeated.

Maybe they can start a feature called, GOP lie of the day (or week).

It could be a regular ad that begins like this:

The McCain/Palin campaign, just like the Bush administration, believes that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it to be true.

We believe that candidates should be held accountable for deliberately spreading lies. And we believe if you repeat the truth often enough, lies will be exposed for what they are.

Today, we challenge the following McCain lie:

(30 seconds of the lie and the fact-based debunking of it)

(close with a Bush/McCain lie on WMD, or something similar)

Repeating a lie, one knows to be false, is not presidential. Senator McCain, if you have a record to run on, you do not need to distort the truth to win.

I am Barack Obama and I approve this message.

The nose

How about incorporating a Pinocchio nose on McCain and Palin when these spots are run? As their lies are told, we would see a graphic of a growing nose. Use the same GOP tactic of reducing things to images that voters can relate to (flip-flops, anyone?). Visually, make McCain/Palin synonomous with the lies of Pinocchio.

This might actually, at some point, cause McCain to actually run on his record.


Cecelia said...

Well, at least he HAS a record to run on - Mr. O has done nothing - but he's a good talker.

thumbs down :(

scootmandubious said...

Yes, Cecilia, McCain does have a record to run on.

Regarding Iraq,
--we will be greeted as liberators
--Iraqi money will pay for it.

Actually, McCain was lobbying for an invasion of Iraq BEFORE Bush.

Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree, let McCain run on his record.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a liar, Sarah Palin is a liar, check out the latest evasion tactics she's using over the troopergate.

McCain can't stand on his record because it sucks big time. MCBush should be his moniker not McCain.

Americans are smarter than McCain thinks, they are smarter than Palin period, my kids lie better than she does.

Woman's Will said...

Yes Cecilia, Obama does have a record to run on. He has been a US Senator for several years and an Illinois Senator before that. Just another lie the Republicans are spreading.